Future of Advertising is a hackathon and innovation competition made in collaboration with Envision. We aim to create the future of advertising services and technologies.

The concept of Future of Advertising is simple, we want to engage with the best creatives, hackers and UX’ers – then spend 54 hours on disrupting the future of advertising, by hacking and building awesome stuff. 

So your task is straightforward: get from idea to prototype/campaign in 54 hours. No talk, all action! So it’s actually pretty simple:  54 hours. 1 venue. 70 participants. Think. Create. Design. Build. Launch. Win!

You can join this hackathon as an established team/startup or as an individual who wants to join a team.

You will go through the following process:

  • Kick Off 
  • Get inspired by 3 brief inspirational talks
  • Form teams and ideate on disruptive advertising solutions
  • Hack and build awesome stuff
  • Design and launch prototype/solution/concept/campaign
  • Pitch for the jury

It is not necessary but you can get some inspiration to the advertising industry by reading the articles here: Get Prepared



The hackathon will be held November 11th-13th 2016

The location is HQ Envision, Christiansgade 30, 8000 Aarhus C


This is one of the more inspiring experiences, you will get in your life. Being with the young entrepreneurs and “hackers” is in itself quite enriching. I promise; no matter what you do in your everyday work you will learn something new.

Anne Glad , Forbrugerekspert

Being at the hack whether you’re a participant or a mentor, you’ll have fun for sure. Magic of some kind will happen. It’s inevitable when you bring so many talented, ambitious, people together. Oh and there’s beer too!

Thomas Ilum, Art Director, Uncle Grey


I keep going to these events because I love working with people and see how they react to different situations. I like the idea of pitching challenges and work on solutions by building something from the scratch.

David, IT Product Developer

It’s fun to bring your design knowledge and get to work with some great programmers. I don’t know what it is, but at these events a space is created where you’re able to talk to anyone you come across.

Sisse, Experience Economist Student

I was a bit afraid if I would fit in, but everybody is super engaged and you really make your best effort to create amazing results. I learnt a lot about technology and met a lot of crazy exciting people.

Christian, International Business Student


As a participant you will be placed in the best environment to hack and build future concepts by using new technologies helped by industry insights and great mentors.
It is a competition, but you will also get to: 

  • Meet a lot of interesting people
  • Experiment
  • Get valuable insights and important connections
  • Think outside the box and try to combine new disruptive ideas and concepts
  • Learn new stuff
  • Design and build from scratch
  • Have fun!

Watch the Future Hacks video to get a feeling about what a hackathon is and hear what the participants said.


Below we have gathered some of the most common questions

Who can attend?

All creative, design, coders, business and tech profiles are welcome — maybe you are specialized in branding, experience economy, product design, UX or you are a hardcore programmer. The door is wide open, come in!

What are the rules?

We start building concepts at the same time to keep it fair. You need to build from scratch, so you cannot bring your pre-build campaigns.
It’s a criterion that you need to demo what you’ve created at the final day. Further rules, guidelines and specific details will be covered on the first day.

Do I need to bring an idea to work on?

Everyone can bring ideas to work on, but it needs to be related to the cases. What you do need is an interest in learning, developing and connecting with others, and challenge status qou.

What should I bring?

All attendees are required to bring their valid ID for registration (name must match registration) and a laptop for hacking. If you want to do a hardware hack, don’t forget to bring the devices you plan on working with. We will have some hardware for you to hack on, but don’t rely fully on them (a complete list will be posted closer to the event date).

How do I prepare?

If you have time, do yourself a favour and do some research on the advertising trends.

Are you going to feed me?

Yes, do not worry. We’ll keep you fed throughout the weekend. All meals from dinner on Friday to lunch on Sunday, as well as snacks, are covered by us.

How long time will the venue be open?

Our hacking venue is open till late night (around 1:30 am)

What can I win?

Great friendships with other innovative people – oh and other awesome prizes!