We have identified 3 awesome cases, for you to work on during the hackathon. More information will come soon!


BESTSELLER is a family-owned clothing and accessories company founded in Denmark in 1975. They provide fast affordable fashion for women, men and children. They market their products in 70 markets across most of Europe, the Middle East, Canada, India and globally via E-commerce. They have more than 3,000 branded chain stores across 38 markets worldwide and their products are sold in approx. 15,000 multi-brand and department stores.

Hi-Fi klubben

Hi-Fi Klubben is a specialty Hi-Fi retail chain based in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and The Netherlands. In Hi-Fi Klubben, they believe good sound can move people. With the sentence ‘BAD SOUND KILLS GOOD MUSIC’, they supply their customers with quality gear. With 700 passionated employees, 100 stores, and 829.276 quality members, they aim to give there customers a valuable experience while getting in touch with them.

White Away

White Away is today Danmarks biggest company when it comes to dealing with white goods. Their goal is to make it easy and simple to shop this online. White Away have existed since 2003, and since then they have just kept expanded their assortment.