Get Prepared

Prepare for the hackathon

How to prepare

Technology is opening up for new opportunities constantly. The way customers and users are centred, will require customized strategic solutions that integrates creativity, consumer insights and technology. It requires a certain mindset to do so. A certain way of thinking. It is an innovative culture that needs to be build. So it’s time to get you to think outside the box.

The important part of the hackathon is that you need to think big, but start small. So find out together with your team; what is the simplest thing you can build that provides value within the field of advertising?

To ease your preparation for the hackathon, and learn more about some of the technology in the advertising industry, we’ve included a list with some interesting articles below:

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What are the rules

We start building concepts at the same time to keep it fair. You need to build from scratch, so you cannot bring your pre-build campaigns, you will be building for the 3 cases being presented on day 1 (take a sneak peek at the cases here. And one last thing, it’s a criterion that it cannot just be a traditional advertising format, that you are creating.

It’s also a criterion that you need to demo what you’ve created at the final day. It’s a 4 minutes presentation and 2 minutes Q&A from the judges.

No one owns the ideas being presented at day 3, but see it as your unique opportunity to establish the right alliances, show your skills and connect with the right people. Further rules, guidelines, and specific details will be covered on the first day.

What to bring

All attendees are required to bring their valid ID for registration (name must match registration) and a laptop for hacking. If you want to do a hardware hack, don’t forget to bring the devices you plan on working with. We will have some hardware for you to hack on.